So, you are a developer looking for the next fun playground or evaluation viable technologies for your companies next big project?

As someone who has been there already and inevitably decided on Flutter, let me see if I can help you with that one.

What does Flutter do…

Flutter is a cross-platform framework designed…

If you have not yet, it is worth reading the previous part of this series for best context.

While SEO with its scrapper and performance factors are definite considerations to take, they are not the only things you should consider when deciding whether or not to use Flutter.

While Web…

I hope you enjoyed the first part of this series where I covered SEO and Web Scrappers and their bearing on using Flutter for Web, if you have not read it yet, it is definitely worth checking out first.

In this part, we go into one of the other big…

Reme Le Hane

MTBer, Runner, Developer, Gamer. | Front end Architect at Wyzetalk with 10 years Front-End Experience & ~2yrs Flutter. | React Flutter Javascript

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